New administrative centre in Gent is a remarkable sign of success for Aluminco and its product, Crystalline.

The new administrative center in Gent dressed entirely with the innovative product of Aluminco, the glass supporting system, Crystalline Type E.

The integrated project covered a gross floor area of 220,000 m² with at least 30% housing, between 40% and 60% offices and 20,000 m² of recreational and commercial space, as well as service functions. The VAC Gent offer sustainable accommodation to around 1,500 civil servants from twenty-six bodies of the Flemish Government, housed in approx. 37,800 m² of abovegroundoffice space. The project delivered on Februray of 2014.

The project achieved a sustainability level of 4 stars, in accordance with the Flemish Government‟s quality manual for office buildings.

Crystalline Type E is a heavy duty on floor system, unmatched for its ability to safety, visual appeal and practicality to high traffic external spaces. The excellent engineering design of the system with the certified mechanical properties make it a signature product.

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