ALUMINCO designs and manufactures furniture & lighting posts of cast aluminium, which for many years decorate gardens, town squares and parks throughout the world.
In 1984, ALUMINCO’s constant effort to improve its products and provide modernized solutions, in order to meet its clients’ expectations, had resulted in the expansion of its product mix.
The latter was achieved with the research, design and production of lighting posts and lanterns – CRONOS, ZEUS and REA –, which were enriched by four new designs – PEGASUS, CARAVOLO, PIROFANI and PIRSOS – later in 1997, as well as garden furniture for the creation of ideal outdoor spaces, either professional or domestic.
The four new designs of lighting posts were not only distinct for their strong traditional features, but mostly for their several benefits ensured by their modern construction.
Their features – durability, quality, and aesthetics– made ALUMINCO’s lighting posts a top-of-mind choice.

Tehničke specifikacije

• The lighting posts consist of cast aluminum parts, which are: the base, arms, top cover, connecting parts and the grooved aluminum profile as far as the mid heights are concerned.
• The lanterns and all other types of lights are made of case aluminum.
• All products are being painted with electrostatic paints of 50-70 micros.
• The cast aluminum used is AL SI 12.
• The aluminum lighting posts cannot undergo electrolysis or deterioration.
• Both the aluminum as material and its finish are suitable for outdoor use and are guaranteed to be maintenance free.
• Lighting posts have been certified by BUREAU VERITAS.


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