The new insulating rolling shutter system SR 750 combines aesthetics and functionality while meeting an exceptional way to modern requirements of energy saving and security.
The system has the highest thermal insulation of the market with Usb = 1.1W / m²K offering excellent quality and reliability.
The technical characteristics of the new rolling shutter in relation to the minimal design offer even greater safety features, ventilation and lighting satisfying the most demanding customers.
Available with a full range of thermal insulation and non-thermal boxes, they work perfectly and harmoniously with all aluminum systems of Aluminco.
The choice of accessories and mechanisms aim to maintain the high quality and reliability of the system while ensuring complete harmonization and implementation.
The rolling shutter system SR 750, among others, offers:
• Full range of insulating and non-thermal boxes
• Full range of aluminium slats
• Full range of guides covering all aluminum systems
• Complete range of accessories and mechanisms of high quality
Basic characteristics
• Four insulating and non-thermal boxes in the same dimensions
• Simply rails and rails with extensions
• Aluminium slats stuffed with polyurethane and aluminum sheets covering structures from windows to garage doors

Tehničke specifikacije

• Polyamides: 32 mm
• Insulation thickness: from 5 mm to 30 mm
• Dimensions: 200Χ155 / 200Χ185 / 220Χ210 / 250Χ250


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