Panel series I300 represents a new trend in the market, both in the main entrance doors of houses and business premises, applying a unique aesthetic in the entire space.
They combine the most modern materials, such as fused glass (fussed glazing) with stainless metal (inox) and aluminum, and they are available in many innovative designs and colors, and many imitation wood shades for the most demanding needs.
Windows are double glazing and protective fuses are made of steel, for enhanced protection against fracture.
• Innovative design
• Double glazing
• Fused glazing with inox for extra resistance and high aesthetics
• Exceptional thermal and sound insulation coefficient
• Certified powder coating and wood imitation shades

Tehničke specifikacije

• Aluminium Sheet Thickness: 1,2 mm / 2 mm
• Total Panel Thickness: 23-25 mm / 24-26 mm
• Frame Detachment from Panel Surface: 50,02 Pa/mm²
• Sheet Detachment from Insulation Material: 0,488 N/mm²
• Thermal Resistance Coefficient: RD=m² * K/W=0.55
• Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λd=W/K * K=0.035


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